7 Graduation Posing Ideas You Need to Try Out

Looking for posing ideas for graduation pictures? Say no more!

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Ever since I was little, I’ve always dreamt of having graduation ceremonies. It marks an important day where you get recognized for your hard work and how gracefully you’ve accomplished your goals. I was so eager to attend my college graduation back in 2020 but it’s safe to say that 2020 had other plans in mind.

Not having a graduation ceremony really bummed me out since it was something I’ve always dreamed about. That left me to feel unmotivated to take my graduation pictures. However, this year, 2021, we start a new canvas!

Since I never got to take my pictures from last year, I decided that I’ll plan a posing guide for all my graduate readers! I borrowed my boyfriend’s cap and gown, grabbed my academic medals, and dressed up for the occasion. I realized how much fun I was having taking these pictures. Consider me as part of the class of 2021!

Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, I hope you find this posing guide helpful for your upcoming senior or graduation pictures. Let’s pose away!

Here are 7 posing ideas you need to try out for graduation pictures:


For this pose, throw the gown over your shoulder and start walking away from the camera. Bonus: the gown floating in the air adds that extra oomph to the image.

2. Play with tassel Pose

Let’s make this pose more lifestyle, shall we? Instead of playing with your hair (which is always my go-to pose) play with your tassel.


It’s time to get creative with your graduation cap! For this pose, simply put your cap right in front of your face and let one of the corners of the cap be pointing to your nose. This pose will work best for those who decorate their graduation cap and want to show it off!


If you’re at a location where you can sit on the stairs, try this pose. For this one, tilt your body forward, cross your arms and let the graduation cap rest on your knees.

5. confetti pose

Is it really a graduation picture if there isn’t confetti? Confetti is a nice prop you can add into your photoshoot to spice it up your and make it more celebratory.

6. “this is it” pose

Grab your gown by one hand and throw it over your shoulder. The next hand you’ll have the graduation cap and simply walk towards the stairs. That feeling of walking to the venue where in a matter of minutes you’ll graduate is one of the most exciting feelings in the world!


Nothing more satisfying than screaming “I did it!” at the top of your lungs! This pose is best to do it when there’s no cars or on an empty street/sidewalk. It’s best to do them on a early Sunday morning where there’s no traffic and you can get your perfect graduation photo!



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Thank you for reading!

You’ve come a long way and I am so proud of you!



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