72 hours in Atlanta: Top Things to Do

Atlanta is home to various movies and tv series that we love. The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Queer Eye, Love is Blind (my current obsession), Marvel movies… and the list goes on. The purpose of this small trip was to visit a college that I’ve been eyeing for some time. Nevertheless, I had a lot of time on my hands to explore different parts of the city… Even if that means do touristy activities #noshame.

Visit the world of coca-cola:

If you went to Atlanta but have never gone to the World of Coca-Cola, did you really go to Atlanta? I don’t usually drink Coca-Cola but I like to drink soda from time to time. The tour starts by giving you a crash-course of the history of Coca-Cola, and after that, you can wander the place on your own. Best part? The taste-testing room. You get to taste popular sodas from around the world; they’re sectioned from the continent. My favorite soda has to be Aquarius Libre by Spain (very lemony) and the one I disliked the most was Beverly by Italy. You have to taste it to know what I’m talking about.

Take a Stroll in Centennial Olympic Park:

This park was created as a gathering spot for tourists and locals to enjoy the 1996 Summer Olympic Games at the time. It also connects you to the fascinating places of CNN studios, World of Coca-Cola, Skyview Atlanta (really pretty Ferris wheel), College Football of Hall of Fame, and many more. Take in the views of the city, people watch, maybe take a selfie in the Olympics rings and embrace the heart of Atlanta.

Take a Tour in CNN Studios:

Whether you’re a news-freak or not, you HAVE to take the CNN tours. Not only you get to know how CNN performs behind production but also you can take photos in a mock-up studio. HOW COOL IS THAT?! I had too much fun! You get to understand the system behind the most-watched cable news network of all time. Fun fact, CNN has the world’s largest freestanding escalator that goes 8 stories high. Just don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights, lol.

Shop ’til you Drop on Ponce City Market:

FAVORITE. PLACE. EVER! This is your one-way ticket to a savory foodie world. You’ll transport yourself from Italy to Morocco, from India to Puerto Rican cuisine in a matter of seconds. We went to Ton-Ton, a ramen shop, and it was the best food I’ve had for a while. The warm chicken broth and perfectly cooked noodles are match-made in heaven. Besides, there are many beautiful boutiques so you can support the ATL locals! As if this wasn’t enough, Glossier just installed a pop-up shop in PCM so you can treat yo’ self!

Grab drinks and play at skyline Park:

This is located in PCM’s rooftop! You need to pay ($10) to go up to the rooftop, though. However, once you purchase the ticket you can go to the rooftop as many times as you want throughout the day. It has a very beautiful view of Atlanta’s city skyline. In addition to having a breath-taking sight, they have bars, a restaurant, a mini-golf course, and arcade games! I think if you’re living in ATL, going to this place would be an ideal and cute date.

Discover the Gems of Atlanta Belt line:

BeltLine is an upcoming project for the city of Atlanta. The BeltLine was originally unused railroad tracks circling the heart of Atlanta and its neighborhoods. Now it’s slowly transforming into a place where you can hike, run, walk your dog and/or discover new places all in one loop. We didn’t go all the way around because it is not yet completed however, from what we’ve seen of the BeltLine, it felt as if The Highline and Bushwick Collective had a baby. You can visit Ponce City Market and walk to Krog Street Market to grab a dessert if you’d like. Tip: look for the tiny doors (art installations).


This is the “baby brother” of Ponce City Market. As I previously said, this place is conveniently situated next to Atlanta Beltline. This means you can stroll around and if you’re feeling hungry, this is the place to go! We didn’t eat at Krog Street, however, I did have some sweet cravings. Truth to be told, Jenni’s Ice Cream really hit the spot!. I officially declare that ice cream is my ultimate weakness. Who doesn’t love ice cream?!


If you’re visiting and you wanna do something different, I’d suggest going to any game. Even if you’re not a sports fan, I highly recommend you’d give it an opportunity. My boyfriend got us tickets to go to an NBA game and I had the time of my life. From cheering, screaming and dancing, it was one of the greatest dates we’ve ever had! Also, the Atlanta Hawks has a special uniform that says Peachtree and everything is… you guessed it! Peach colored. Couldn’t help but buy a Peachtree beanie. Now that I think about it, peach looks great on me!


Visit the Georgia Aquarium: The largest aquarium in the western hemisphere!

Atlanta Botanical Garden: We could not be able to purchase tickets to the garden since it was closed on the weekend we were there. But it’s definitely in our must-visit list for the next time we go to Atlanta. Search on Pinterest ABG (Atlanta Botanical Garden) and you will very beautiful pictures!

Little Five Points: Very hippie place but has interesting thrift stores in which you can get high-end brands at a cheap price. Who doesn’t love thrifting? Look for The Vortex! They sell the best burgers in town!

Piedmont Park: Something so unique about Atlanta is that one minute you’re in the city and the next five minutes it feels like you’re in a forest and the skyline is nowhere in sight. Which is a perk if you’d want the best of both worlds!

I hope you have enjoyed this ATL travel guide! If you’re planning to visit for a weekend, I highly suggest you’d visit the places I recommended! Especially go to Ponce City Market if you are a hard-core foodie fan! Atlanta is very rich in culture and you can do many things outside of Atlanta as well. I’d suggest you get a car so it can be easier to move around or master the art of Uber. What’s the first place you’d want to visit in Atlanta?

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