NYC Photo Guide: the Best Instagram Spots In SoHo

Luxury stores, cobblestone roads, and insta-worthy coffee shops? If you’re looking for NYC Instagram Spots, SoHo should be at the top of your list.

Soho Photo Guide | Best NYC Instagram Spots

One of my favorite NYC neighborhoods to walk around and take pictures in is Soho. This neighborhood is located south of Houston Street (hence the name SoHo). Everywhere you go, you’ll find big department stores, luxury boutiques as well as local shops. Ever since I started to work on retail in Soho, I’ve pretty much spent my days in this part of Manhattan.

Besides getting the latest of the trendiest spots to take pictures of and easing your FOMO for NYC pictures, I’ve also recommended coffee shops or food places so you can get the most out of the Soho experience.


Several subway lines will leave you at the center of Soho:

On your way on the 6 train? you’ll want to get off on Spring Street.

Taking the R or W train? Get off at Prince Street.

Or, if you’re on the B D F or M trains, get off at Broadway-Lafayette.

Map with the photo spots is included down below on the blog for a more precise location.

Here are the best nyc instagram Spots in Soho:

1. Lafayette sT.

When you walk down Lafayette street your eyes will spot the massive Gucci billboard from a mile away. There are many angles and corners to take a picture with the Gucci background, however, this picture was taken in front of Sant Ambroeus. That day, every single person with a car parked in every part of Lafayette Street.

By the element of surprise, all the cars were black and didn’t distract from the subject which was the Gucci billboard. It can’t get any more Soho than that! If you want to spice things up with a prop, I’d suggest buying coffee from Cafe Belle or Blank Street Coffee to level up your Instagram game.

2. Greene ST.

Greene Street is one of the most photogenic streets out of all Soho. A lot of taxis frequently pass by on this street, if you’re looking for a cute cab picture. Unlike Broadway, this street is usually empty (during the week) which makes it perfect if you’re a bit shy when there are large crowds. To get good lighting, get here at 3:30 pm.

I’d like to call this place the TikTok hype street because you’ll most likely see a few girls filming their outfits of the day. This is also nearby the Polo Ralph Lauren Store which is another insta-worthy spot to pose away.

3. Ralph Lauren Store

One of the most iconic buildings in SoHo is located on 109 Prince Street (a.k.a the Polo Ralph Lauren store); between Prince Street and Greene Street. This beautiful building was built in 1882 inspired by the French Renaissance and it is described as one of the most important gems of 19th-century cast-iron architecture. #HistoryLessonswithLani

For this location, I recommend trying doing a walking pose or doing full-body pictures to showcase the NYC Soho vibes. There are also a couple of luxury boutiques nearby such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. What’s the fun of being around Soho if you’re not window shopping in the high-end stores?

4. nomo soho on crosby st.

Name a more beautiful entryway to a hotel than this one? I’ll wait. Nomo Soho is located in Crosby Street and its ivy-filled arch adds the perfect greenery in the concrete jungle that it’s surrounded by. Don’t be surprised if you have to make a line to take pictures here, as it’s widely popular on Pinterest and for the ‘gram.

5. Broome sT. AND cROSBY sT.

Just two blocks before NoMo SoHo, Broome Street is an ideal spot to take pictures walking down the street to show off your outfit. The angle that the picture was taken, was heading west on Broadway. Just make sure the traffic light is red so you and the photographer can take the photos without worrying if you’re in the way. Strut like you mean it!

If you want to walk a little further down to Crosby, go to Saturdays NYC café and order a chocolate croissant with an iced chai (in my opinion, they serve the best chai).

6. cortland alley (on canal st.)

Hear me out, I know this isn’t technically SoHo but it’s lies between Lafayette and Broadway. This small alleyway is located in Canal Street and I found this spot on my way going to the subway. As a result, Kef and I made an impromptu shoot and I freakin’ loved the results. Tiktok seemed to love the results, too!

If you want more of an urbanand kinda grungyelement to your pictures, this is an excellent spot for you. It’s usually empty with some cars passing through occasionally. We all know NYC gets crowded 24/7 so finding a spot where it’s practically empty is a gem for us!

7. Wooster St. and broome st.

Let’s make Broome Street the official street of photogenic corners, shall we? In comparison with the one near Crosby that felt very moody, this corner has lighter and brighter tones. Its surroundings are filled with chic stores like Celine, Moschino, and Gucci.

If you’re around this area and looking for something to eat that can be yummy and affordable, I highly recommend Sunrise Market. It’s a Japanese grocery store and they also sell ready-to-eat Katsus, sushi, salmon wraps all under 10 dollars!

8. Big city of dreams mural on centre st.

We gotta have a mural picture moment in NYC, right? I’m a huge sucker for murals and this one does not disappoint! The Big City of Dreams was painted by Tristan Eaton in 2015 and now it has become the essence of SoHo. It is also located in front of a parking lot and the parking sign has an interesting retro vibe.

After taking your pictures in front of the mural, make sure to stop by Little Italy on Mulberry Street and grab a coffee at Caffe Roma or a cannoli to satisfy your sweet tooth (or if it’s summer, then definitely buy a gelato).




I hope these spots have cured your FOMO on NYC Instagram Spots. Girl, I got you! You can visit these spots all in under 2 hours and get so much content out of them and if you shoot at an earlier hour, the more likely you’ll have these places by yourself.

Remember to have fun in the process ❤️ Happy shooting!

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