Don’t Know How to Pose? Try These 4 Hand Posing Ideas!

As a photographer and model, I’ve had both experiences where I am in front and behind the lens. One of the biggest struggles of being in front of the lens is coming up with posing ideas on the spot! Especially when it comes to hand posing.

What should I do with my hands? It may feel overwhelming at first if you’re new to the content creation world (or even in the modeling industry). My biggest advice is going on Instagram or Pinterest and screenshot poses you’d like to mimic for your next shoot. With practice, you’ll feel more comfortable moving your hands and body during the photoshoot.

But before we start posing, we have to check if the location has good lighting. Once you’ve read my 5 tips on How to Get Good Light for Pictures and selected the perfect spot, we are ready to get handsy with poses.

Here are 4 hand posing ideas you can try:

1. “Hold a Pea” Pose

This pose has to be my favorite go-to pose for shoots. Why? Because it’s an easy pose and it looks effortless for the ‘gram! All you have to do is bend your arms and place your hands in front of your navel. Allow your fingers touch each other lightly as if you’re holding something very small in your hand.

2. “the triangle” poses

Whenever in doubt, always create triangle shapes with your arms. This will help create dimension to the pictures and flatter any type of body figure. My favorite triangle poses are: brushing the side of your hair and having my other hand rest in the hip or have it in my pocket.


DON’T KNOW HOW TO POSE? TRY THESE 5 HAND POSING IDEAS! Cupping your hand | Alanis Colina

You can never go wrong with putting your hand on your cheek or chin. It will always look cute, delicate and flattering for everyone. Instead of your fingers putting pressure on your face, try to cup your hand between your cheek and chin. This way, your hand will appear more delicate on your face and will accentuate your facial features.

4. “talk to the hand” pose

Feeling a little creative? I got you! I love to add elements out of focus to make the picture more interesting. With this pose technique, you have to step closer to the camera and place your hands in front of the lens in swaying motion. Play with different hand positions and make sure your hand does not cover your face entirely!


And if you’re more of a visual gal like me, I’ve also created a video (below) in which you’ll see how I do hand posing! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and on TikTok for more posing guides and photography tips!

Remember to experiment and have fun during the process!

Happy posing! -A

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