How to Spend a Perfect Weekend in Rincón, PR

Rincón, PR-413, the city where the sun kisses the sea at every sunset. In my 22 years of living in Puerto Rico, I’ve never been to the west coast before. So this year, I made a decision to book a spontaneous 4-day staycation to Rincón. Locals love to spend their weekends on the west coast, so, naturally, I was curious to find out why.

The minute I set foot on Rincón, my heart was stolen by the sound of the beach waves. Being in Rincón feels so refreshing because 1) you’re away from all the loud city noises and, 2) everything about this town is locally-sourced. You’ll find countless local shops, vegan restaurants, and farm-to-table shops. It is the most vegan-friendly place I’ve ever been to – considering that I live in the metro area, and it’s hard to get affordable vegan/vegetarian food.

I stayed in Rincón for 4 days on weekdays. I’d recommend booking on the weekends because most of the shops are not open until Tuesday or Wednesday; so please, have that in mind before booking your Airbnb/hotel.

Our Airbnb:

There are numerous Airbnbs’ to book in Rincón and, much of the prices vary. It all depends on your budget and location! I found this gem called: Rincón Surf Club. The room that I stayed in was only $70 per night, and we had great amenities like a pool, kitchen with a stove, beach towels, and a local guide with excellent food recommendations. The place itself is so Instagram-worthy!

Everything was within a 10-minute drive making this, location-wise, the perfect Airbnb. We were 3 minutes away from Sandy Beach, 5 minutes from a great bar called The Beach House, and 10 minutes away from Steps Beach, Marías Beach, and Domes Beach. What more could you ask for?

DISCLAIMER: In Puerto Rico, there’s an active executive order regarding COVID-19. In these executive orders, the governor may limit or even prohibit beach or pool activities at all costs. Restaurants may have 30% capacity or, you may have to order by the phone, and there’s an ongoing curfew since the pandemic. Make sure to be updated on these executive orders before booking a flight to Puerto Rico. 

As I previously stated before, there are tons of activities to do and delicious food to eat. Here’s what we did in our very – much needed– tropical staycation: 

where to visit:

Cruise By At the PR-413

PR-413, or Road to Happiness, is the iconic road that leads you to beautiful scenery, beaches, and tons of local shops. There are even Instagram spots for you to pull over and take a quick snap. 

Watch the Sunrise at Steps Beach

One of my favorite things I did on this trip was waking up early to watch the sunrise, especially at Steps Beach. Many people will tell you that sunsets are Rincón’s specialty, but its mornings are simply magical. If you have time to get up at 5:30 in the morning to watch the sunrise, I HIGHLY recommend doing so! It’s called Steps Beach because there’s a concrete stair that lays over the shore; pretty self-explanatory.

BONUS: Not only Steps Beach is the perfect spot to sunbathe, but it can also be the dreamiest place to make a photoshoot. You can take a picture on the concrete Steps or on the swingset. The swingset is located on the left side of the beach. It’s a 3-5 minute walk, making it accessible for everyone. The swing set is a bit higher than what we expected, so make sure you have a friend/partner that can help to lift you up. 

Get your daily doses of Vitamin Sea at Domes Beach

Photo by @getawaycravings

This is the place where you’re most likely to spot surfers. Domes’ beach is wildly popular for 1) hosting surfing competitions and, 2) it’s next to a decommissioned nuclear plant called BONUS. It’s an iconic historical landmark since 1968, and you can take in the views of Domes Beach by the lighthouse. Why is it so popular for surfers? Because on the west coast the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea collide with one another and thus having a strong current to produce big ocean waves.

Stroll around in the Punta Higüeras Lighthouse

This lighthouse is one of the prettiest on the island I’ve ever seen. You can take pictures around the lighthouse and take a stroll around the boardwalk, and grab a few drinks at the kiosk/bar. This place also is one of the coolest spots to see the sunset. 

hungry? I recommend:


This was one of my favorite places to eat vegan food, hands down. They combine comfort food and make a vegan version of it. I tried Brujo Pesto that had zucchini noodles, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and vegan pesto. And my boyfriend had these incredible cauliflower wings with tostones. In essence, this vegan shop is foodie heaven. 

Sana Farm to Table

This shop is located right next to USPS and everything they serve is straight from their farm. They also have a mini fruit and veggie section where you can buy their locally grown products. You MUST try their vegan burgers and their vegan raw desserts; they’re absolutely delicious. 

The Beach House Bar 

One of my favorite spots to see the sunset was at this bar. It’s open every day and serves delicious breakfasts and the yummiest vegan tacos you’ll ever find. They have the courtesy to place chairs outside of the bar so you can gaze into the sunset as it falls right beside Desecheo Island. 

CAFE 413

Located in the heart of Rincón’s town square. If you are looking for a delicious and filling breakfast to go on about your day, Café 413 is the absolute best! I ordered a smoked salmon bagel that tasted like sushi on a bagel. Best part? They serve breakfast all day!

Support Local Shops:

Karibe Kombucha

I’ve been hopping on the kombucha trend for a while now! And this brand is yet to be my fave. They ferment all of the products in their shop in Rincón. They have different tropical kombucha flavors that you MUST try. Also, Karibe Kombucha sells fermented goodies such as sauerkraut, pickled onions, and hummus. My fave: Curry Hummus and the Kombucha with pineapple, cucumber, and kale. 

Ocean State of Mind

This is the cutest boho store in town! They sell a variety of items such as clothing, crystals, books, accessories, etc. If you can’t visit them in Rincón, you can shop their products online on their website


As you can see, Rincón is a beautiful town that has a beachy laid-back lifestyle. It’s the perfect getaway from the noise and to disconnect from the world. Now, I knew why locals love to spend their weekends in Rincón. You leave feeling refreshed, inspired, and excited to come back to Rincón once again. I am already daydreaming about the day my feet get to touch the west coast again. Everyone should experience this once in their lifetime. 

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