My Favorite Spots Of Old San Juan that You Need to Visit

It is no secret that I spend almost every day in Old San Juan. Three years ago, I could’ve easily get lost in this cobblestone city and now I know every corner from the back of my hand. Old San Juan is a city rich in history and culture, that most people miss out on the gems this place provides. From local farmers market to cute spots to take pictures, Old San Juan has a lot to offer.

I have arranged a little list of my FAVORITE places of Old San Juan whether it’s food, shops or a spot I normally take pictures. I suggest you take a screenshot or write these down if you’re interested in going to these nooks and corners of Old San Juan.

Stuffed Avocado shop – my #1 spot to eat

Calle San Francisco

This has got to be the best place I’ve ever eaten in Old San Juan… and I swear by it! If you are an avocado fan, you are in for a treat! This local shop serves avocado bowls and you can put whichever base, protein, sauce, and toppings of your choice. They also serve very refreshing drinks like lemon water and my recent favorite: watermelon, cucumber, and lemon-infused water. It’s the perfect drink for perfect hot tropical weather! I always go creative on my bowls however, if you like it simple there are signature avocados in which they already come with specific ingredients.

La Mallorca – The Ultimate “Comida Criolla”

Calle San Francisco

If you’re craving for a delicious and local –no tourist trap– Puerto Rican food in Old San Juan, I’d suggest you head out to La Mallorca. The tastiest mofongo de yuca (cassava mofongo) I’ve ever eaten was in here! It’s affordable, their waiters are very friendly, and the food just hits right the spot. La Mallorca gives you the ultimate experience of what’s it like to have a home-cooked meal in Puerto Rico.

Farmer’s Market – ONLY ON SATURDAYS

Calle Virtud/Norzagaray

I love Saturday mornings because there’s always a farmer’s market in Old San Juan. Every Saturday from 9am to 1pm, there’s a farmer’s market in Calle Virtud, very close by from La Taverna Lúpulos. These local businesses come from different parts of Puerto Rico to sell their products such as Kombucha, veggies, skincare, plants, and so forth. You can even get vegan goods in this place, how cool is that?! One of the locals sells a tea called Flor de Jamaica and it is so refreshing to enjoy on a hot Saturday morning! Something about buying a product straight from the local owner leaves me with such a happy feeling inside.

Museo Casa Blanca – Hidden Gem For Pictures

Calle San Sebastián

Listen up folks, this is such a pretty place if you are in need to take pictures! It’s open for the public and there’s also museum in this place (hence the name of the place Museo Casa Blanca is for the house that got to live Juan Ponce de León) with just a cost of five dollars. You can stroll around in this little corner of San Juan, listen to the birds chirping and take in the views of the sea from afar! Pose for the ‘gram!

LA O – Pizza Cravings Satisfied

Calle San Francisco

This is one of the few places I’ve ever known that makes gluten-free pizzas. Yes, you heard me! Plus, this pizza establishment has a peculiar décor because the theme is about saints and angels. You have to visit the place, so you know what I’m talking about 😉. Their pizzas are named after saints like San Mateo, Santa Cecilia, San Miguel, and so forth. They also have multiple artisanal beers and pasta, too. They have traditional pizzas but if you want to go creative, this is the place to go!

Escalinata de Monjas – For The ‘Gram

Another place that I tend to always take pictures is in this spot. Everybody that wants to shoot with me in Old San Juan, I always take them here! It’s between two hotels: El Convento and Villa Herencia. I’ve seen many other celebrities and YouTubers pose for the ‘gram in this spot. The pastel walls are what drives me going to this place over and over again. The streets of Old San Juan inspire me…

Now that I’ve told you some of my favorite places in Old San Juan, 

which one of these places will you go first?

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