The Best Açaí Bowl In Puerto Rico

Here’s a fact that you may not know about me: I AM OBSESSED WITH AÇAÍ!

If you don’t know what açaí (ah-sigh-ee) is, it’s a berry that’s packed with antioxidants, fiber and it’s low in sugar. How does it taste? Close enough as a blueberry but with a sweeter flavor to it. It pairs very well with other fruits making it great for smoothies!

I’ve eaten a LOT of açaí ever since it was a trendy thing to eat as an afternoon/school snack back in 2013. Trust me when I say that THIS place has the best açaí I’ve ever tried in Puerto Rico. We’re talking about Púrpura PR!

Púrpura is located in Guayama’s town square between Calle Calimano and Calle Badé Pérez. Even the place is so eye-catching since it’s the only building painted in lilac/purple color. You must be wondering, out of all the açaí shops in Puerto Rico, why did you go to Guayama to eat açaí? Their creativity for their food presentation is PHE-NO-MI-NAL!

I found this local place on Instagram and my eyes were drawn to the presentation of their foods (click here to see what I’m talking about). They serve their açaís and pitayas in coconut bowls and in actual fruits like papaya and pineapple. And if the açaí in fruit is not enough for you, they add edible flowers to your bowls. So, not only it looks SUPER insta-worthy but also tastes so yummy and it’s very filling!

What we ordered:

  • Lemonade infused with lavender 🍋
  • Pitaya bowl adding raspberry, blackberries to it. 🍓🍌🥣
  • Açaí bowl in the papaya fruit 🍓🍌
  • Organic açaí in the pineapple fruit 🍍🍌🍓

Lemonade infused with lavender:

Let’s talk about the lemonade infused with lavender, shall we? You wouldn’t normally think of putting lavender in a drink because the scent itself can be overpowering. It sounds a bit intimidating but I can guarantee you that it tastes refreshing. As you take a sip of the lemonade you can taste the sweet and tangy flavors of the lemon, the subtle kick of lavender enters your tastebuds, and the honey soothing down to your throat. On a hot day, it hits right the spot! 🍯

pitaya bowl:

If you’re not a fan of açaí and prefer something a little sweeter, I still got you! Pitaya (aka Dragon Fruit) bowls are an excellent option if you’re craving something sweet. This fruit has almost the same texture as a kiwi and tastes somewhat like an earthier version of a watermelon (describing the taste of fruits is hard, I know). Kef ordered this because he has never tried Pitaya before and he was not disappointed! He chose to add raspberries and blackberries to his bowl so he could enjoy the pitaya with different acidities of the berries in every bite. Maybe the next time I go there, I’ll order the pitaya bowl.

Açaí bowl in papaya or pineapple:

Last but not least, the main stars of the show: açaí on a fruit “bowl”. What they do is they cut in half the papaya (or pineapple), they carve out the center so they can fill in the good stuff: granola, coconut oil, strawberries, and bananas. Wanna know the best part? You can eat pieces of the papaya while you savor the açaí with all its glory. I personally think the papaya goes super well with açaí since its mild taste is paired up with the tanginess of the berries. As for the pineapple, the acidity of the fruit is mixed with the sweetness of the açaí and the granola. Thus, making it a perfect combination to eat on a hot tropical afternoon.

Our Thoughts:

The thought that all of this is healthy and vegan (check granola) blows my mind away! Eating this makes you feel so energized and ready to take on the world. I fell in love with this place as well as their decor and food presentation. It’s impressive the amount of effort they put into details when designing the bowl.

In most places in the metro area is just açaí, granola, and bananas. However, there are so many options + toppings that can make any fruit bowl look creative and exciting to eat. They go by the motto: if it looks good it has to taste even better.

Now: call your friends, schedule a road trip and come down to the south-east coast, and experience a fruity tropical adventure in your tastebuds. I’m giving you all the tools to make up the perfect excuse to get out of town for the day! 😉

BONUS: if this blogpost hasn’t already convinced you to go (yet), don’t fret, my boyfriend and I made a video so you can all witness our experience at Púrpura!

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